Overview of Scholarships for Children of Teachers

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Scholarship grants or financial aids have been tremendously sought for by children of teachers both retired and active in the profession. With the present economic crisis, teachers are the most financially affected. This group of professionals are not receiving large amount of compensation and many are living in a hand-to-mouth existence. This is one of the reasons why many of the qualified and efficient teachers are leaving the profession and shifting to another. Many teachers are forced to cross-job or to accept part-time jobs. This eventually affects the teacher’s efficiency performance. Providing scholarships for children of teachers is as well looking after teachers’ welfare.

Scholarships for Children of Teachers

- Teachers Welfare

Schools and other learning facilities are concern in the welfare of their teachers. The school curriculum includes activities geared towards professional development of teachers. This includes seminars, conferences, free-training course, scholarship grant for specialized areas, study leave grant and many others. Teacher’s welfare is vital and plays an important role in enhancing the quality of education. The school also provides financial aid or loan to teachers who are genuinely in need.

- Benefits to Teachers and Their Children

Teachers’ children need financial support to pay for their education. As a student, textbooks, reference books and other school materials are needed. They also need training and hands-on experiences. They are required to participate in school-community activities. In other words, teacher’s children need to attend and complete school for a holistic human development. Granting scholarships to eligible children of teachers can benefit teachers themselves. It can provide them great relief concerning their children’s education as well as their children’s future. Children receiving good education can raise teachers’ morale and self-esteem. Teachers can focus on their work hence improve teaching quality.

- State Liability

Government or the state can be assured that these children would be assets not liabilities. Increase in crime rate has been due to many out-of-school youths addicted in illegal drugs. Helping teachers’ children get to school can guarantee bright future and success in their endeavors. It can also increase literacy rate and help improve the country’s economy. Hence, they become useful and valuable citizens of the country.

- Positive Response from Firms and Benefactors

Due to persistent demands from teachers themselves, some government and private schools have been providing study grant or financial aids. However, scholarship grants vary and usually depending on the school or firm’s financial capabilities. So far, groups like the Teacher’s Welfare Fund, Parents and Teachers Association, local union groups, private benefactors and other organizations have provided positive response on study grants for children of teachers. The Department of Education should also take this matter in a more realistic way. Providing scholarship grant to teacher’s children can make teaching career attractive and appealing. It can be a solution to many problems in the school including quality of education, shortage problem for teachers, quality of teaching and others.

- Guidelines and Requirements

Not all teachers’ children are eligible for study grant. They must meet certain requirements and also follow guidelines and procedures for application. Applicant must be a dependent child of an active or retired teacher of the said association, foundation or group. The child’s application requirement includes the applicant statement and documents such as membership verification form, official transcript, letter of recommendation and attachments. Other establishments or private benefactors may require high rating performance of certain percentage and school community activity records. Scholarship recipients must know that certain criteria may be used in the assessment and evaluation of applications. The application statement carries the highest point followed by letters of recommendation and finally the school and community activity records. Letters of recommendation are important and must be taken with serious consideration. One should come from within the school and may be written by a school professor or instructor, class adviser or class patron and a guidance coordinator and another from an active community member.

- Scholarship Scheme

Scholarship scheme varies from one school to another particularly in the private sector. Some school grant a full-term or full-year scholarship for a child of a teacher. Others grant a 100% tuition-free in a termly basis, a free tuition but excluding miscellaneous. There are schools providing a “Study Now, Pay Later” grant and others grant scholarship with a “bond” or agreement. This agreement binds the student to render service or work at a specified period in lieu of the study grant provided.

- Scholarships Options

Scholarships for children of teachers can be classified in three categories; a dependent child with excellent or outstanding over-all school performance can be awarded study grant based on merit; a dependent child of an active or retired teacher who has very limited financial capacity may be granted financial aids or study grant based on family needs; and a child of a deceased member-teacher who has achieve high academic performance but poor and deserving. Several schools or training facilities also offer options to students who want to pursue career or college degree especially in nursing, health care training and education. A full scholarship is awarded to students interested in those fields and willing to work in places where their services may be required and are most needed.

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